Friday, April 9, 2010

Emily turns THREE!

My little girl is growing so fast right before my eyes!!!  Can you believe Emily has been home for almost 2 years now?  Wow! What is Emily like at 3?  Well...she is a little ham. She has such expressive facial features, loves to be so silly and is constantly talking from sun up till sun down.   She especially loves to talk to her little fairies at our nature table, take good care of her baby dollies, ride her two wheeled bike, and climbs like a monkey.  She loves to wear cute shoes, fun clips in her hair and give us directions.  She is a mommy's girl through and through but of course loves her daddy and brothers too.  She is tough but can be shy in new environments and with new people. Such a little cuddle bug she is...loves to be held and snuggled. We are so blessed to be Emily's family.  What a little joy she is!  

My how she has changed! Here is Emily at 13 months the first week home and Emily now at 3 years old on her birthday morning.

When Emily woke up we had crepe paper curtains hanging from her door, a few small presents and birthday sign on the table and her favorite breakfast of eggs, bacon and orange juice.

After dinner Emily blew out her birthday candles and opened her special present...a new pink bike!


 Happy Birthday Em!


Monica said...

Wow! Beautiful! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I have not checked in on your blog in a long time. I was a reader during the time when you first completed your Russian journey. Years later my husband and I are finally just about to complete our Russian adoption. Looking back on your timeline is amazing. The current timelines for families adopting from Russia certainly don't look anything like that now! Your family was so blessed to be in the right place at the right time. Thx so much for sharing so much.

Janine said...


Thanks for leaving a message. I'm always happy to hear exciting news. Congratulations on your adoption. That's wonderful!

I'm a little out of what the current time frames are but I do agree we did have good timing or maybe our timing is lined up with the child meant to be ours... :)

Heather Brandt said...

Looks like Emily is continuing to thrive! What a beautiful little girl!

My sweet Colin just turned 3 this month, too and it is incredible to think of how his language, knowledge, and joy has grown as he has been in our family.


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