Wednesday, September 24, 2008

They are in St. Petersburg!!

Bethany and Kyle are in St. Pete right now and have met their baby girl! She is beautiful!

It sounds like they are having a wonderful first trip. The memories just come flooding back! She is blogging while abroad. Go on over and read all about their first trip and see their beautiful daughter!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Home 4.5 months!!

My baby girl is now 18 months old...and she is a mama's girl all the way. How sweet that feels!

As we quickly approach our 1st post placement report I can't help but reminisce over the past 6 months that we have known our daughter. She has changed so much from that independent 12 month baby we first met in the baby home to such a loving and feisty 18 month old. There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for sending her to us and thinking of us as worthy enough to be her parents. My heart just soars and I feel so blessed when she smiles up and me and in that moment I think of her biological parents and wish I could tell them how well she is doing and how much we love her. I only hope they know in their heart of hearts that she is safe and loved. Here is a quick look back at my sweet baby girl. My how she continues to come into her own!!!

Our first visits with our baby girl...

Wrapped around daddy's finger already!!

My little sweetheart!!

Our first family photo

This is my silly girl. To help lighten our last moments together before leaving for home the caregivers dressed Emily up as a mini caregiver. She was such a sport and clearly liked it. Here she is going into the kitchen to help get dinner for her gruppa. This is the last image I had of her as I left the baby home. Her looking back at us as we left.

Trip 2...

Our gotcha day!! April 22...leaving the babyhome forever.

Emily on the train leaving St Pete and heading to Moscow. She is just so cute looking at herself in the mirror in our compartment. Bittersweet moment. I cried for her as we pulled out from the train station. She was giving up so much to be with us..her birth city, her babyhome and caregivers, her culture and soon her birth country. But gaining so much more...a family, a future.

First few days home...

Love, love her red hair and little curls!!

Emily in the mtns, playing peekaboo behind the curtain and trying to dress herself in her brother's shorts. She loves clothes, shoes and bags already. Such a girl!

Enjoying the summer weather...

Emily loves to be outside and loves, loves to be in the swing!!

Isn't she just too cute? Can you feel me beaming yet?

Emily and her brothers at home and here she is camping for the first time.

I love this photo of Emily and daddy. It makes me want to sing..."Here comes the sun..doodah doodah..."

Spending time at the beach.

Silly girl with her own sense of style.

You've come a long way baby!!

And the road still continues...
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