Thursday, October 8, 2009

Emily at Mtn School

Emily started school in the fall just like her brothers. She goes one day a week to Mtn School with mommy. She is in class with 11 0ther 2 and 3 year old children. Emily is loving her school and asks every day if it's her day to go to Mtn School. In the fall and spring Mtn School meets outdoors at various locations. Currently we are meeting in a redwood grove that has a creek and a sandbox. The kids go on hikes, participate in cooking projects, do music, read books, sing songs, do art, play in the creek and sand. It is a blast.

Fishing in the creek.

Emily and a banana slug. Isn't she just so happy to be carrying that bug?

Emily really loves bugs. Any kind of bug seeking is fun and especially when she finds them. One day we found hundreds of lady bugs hiding under the grasses. She was in heaven trying to pick up and hold the lady bugs. They were everywhere...on your pants, hair, etc. Emily did not mind, she just kept trying to get one on her hand. Finally, she succeeded!

Look carefully and you will see Emily is proudly holding a ladybug.

Here she is on a hike picking up a dandelion in the tall grasses.

We have a good friend in class with us. Here's Emily and her bud sitting on a log participating in a song. Too cute! Notice the rainboots for creek hiking.

Here she is climbing a redwood. Such a monkey!

One last photo with the puppet, Tiny Tim the Turtle. This puppet is a special friend in this class. All the children want to hold Tiny Tim. Here is Emily having a turn with the Turtle, who just happens to be her favorite animal.

School is off to a fun start. How I love this class. I'm having so much fun with Emily. Her Mtn School day is our special day together. I Love, love love time with just my girl!
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